General Information
General Information
Release Time:02.28.2024


About ASCC

The aim of ASCC is to bring together professors, researchers, engineers, and students worldwide to share their recent findings and discuss the state-of-the-art technologies related to control, automation, artificiaintelligence, robotics,and systems. The program includes plenary talks, tutorials, technical presentations of peer reviewed regular and position/industrial papers, special sessions, workshops and exhibits, The past ASCCs include Tokyo (1994, the ist), Seoul (1997), Shanghai (2000), Singapore (2002), Melbourne (2004), Bali (2006), Hong Kong (2009), Kaohsiung (2011), Istanbul(2013), Kota Kinabalu (2015), Gold Coast (2017), Kitakyushu (2019) and Jeju island (2022). Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Artificial Intelligence                                                                 Intelligent Control

Autonomous Vehieles                                                                Motion and Vibration Control

Communication                                                                          Neural Networks

Control Devices, Sensors and Actuators                                    Neuro and Bio Informatics

Control Theories                                                                        Nonlinear Control

Cvber Security                                                                           Robotics and Mechanics

Deep Learning                                                                           Swarm and Evolutionary Computation

Industrial Applications                                                              System Identification and Modelling


About Dalian

Dalian is a place where you can find natural scenes of stunning beauty, amiable climate, stylish architecture, comfortable beaches and tourist resorts. The gardens and squares constitute unique decorations of the city. Along the southern coast, a road like a jade ribbon runs among the mountainsand along the sea. To the north, there is the Golden Pebble Beach Holiday Resort, where one can seetypical sea-corroded landscape and landform of costal cast. Dalian sincerely welcome fellows andfriends worldwide to join ASCC 2024.

General Secretary, Assoc. Prof. Zheng Lv,

Organizing Chair, Prof. Yuhu Wu,

Program Chair, Prof. Jun Zhao,

Program Chair, Prof. Yanlong Zhao,